Best Image Editing Software List

As a photographer you need to equip yourself with knowledge on how to use different best image editing software. This is necessary for you to be able to come up with the best images which your clients will appreciate paying for. There are many software available which will allow you access different features which will make you enjoy your photography work.

Image editing has become a necessary skill to all types of businesses.  Here we have an example of a pixelated arborvitae tree courtesy of  Even a plant business such as this needs editing software if they intend on having an online presence in the tree industry.




Before you decide on any software you need to take your time and asses the suitability of the software. The software should also be easy for you to use so that you will avoid errors when making use of it. The software can be hard for you to understand on how to make use of it, but after you take an initiative and carry out your research online you will easily access necessary information which will enable you handle different software easily. The following are the best image editing software that you can try:

1. Adobe Photoshop

This is the most advanced software that you can use to edit images. The software has a lot of features which you can use to achieve complex features on your images. The software has a complex user interface which requires someone with enough knowledge on how to make use of it so that the person will achieve in making use of it. With the software in case you know how to make use of it, you can achieve to come up with different designs no matter how complicated they are. In case you will like to make use of the software you need to make a habit of practicing it where you will gain experience with time for you to start enjoying it.

2. Adobe light room

The software is a bit different from other photo editing tools where it works by employing an integrated workflow which allows the users to manage, import, edit and share photos. The software enables users to edit images while it maintains the original image properties. This makes it possible for the users to go back after they have edited the image. For example you may do some editing on an image but later you discover that the editing features that you have employed are not the best. With adobe light room you can just go back by undoing the editing options that you may have carried out on the image. This has made many people prefer making use of the software.

3. Gimp

GNU image Manipulation Program was developed in 1996. Since its development it has been improved over the years hence making it very helpful to the users. The software is free which make it readily available for photographers to make use of it. With GIMP you can easily edit the color of the image, enhance brightness and contrast of the image. In case you will like to make the image blurred or sharp, you can also enjoy making use of the software for you to achieve such effects. Other features that the software support include making the image into an animation, removing red eye, turning the photo to different lighting effects, oil painting of a photo among other features.

4. Paint.NET

With this software you can achieve great adjustments of your image such as rotating the image, resizing and other paint tools that are available on the software. In case you will like to introduce special effects on your image, the software can also serve you well. Even if you are a complete graphics noive, the software is very easy for you to use. This has made the software very popular in the photography field.

5. PhoXo

This is a software that has been in use for more than 10 years now. It is very easy to sue where children can easily play around with its clipart. It also allows customizing images with cartoons. With the software you will also achieve in adding watermarks to your images. The image transformation tools available on the software can easily make you enjoy turning folders of your images into beautiful looking photos which your clients will really appreciate.

6. Funny Photo Maker

This is a software that does not have features such as smart selection, layer support, drawing options or paint. The software has other amazing effects which you can easily apply to your image within a matter of seconds. Some of the features that the software support include adding someone’s face to a movie poster, transforming an image into an animation, adding rain or snow to an image ,turning a photo into a collage, applying frames to a photo and other amazing features.

7. Photo Pos Pro

The software has a lot of paint tools color correction features, support layers among other features. The software is very popular in photography where it allows the users to easily automate editing features hence making the work of photographers in trying to edit photos very easy. Some fun touches available on the software will allow you as a user enjoy adding effects such as bubbles, fireworks, stardust and many other interesting features.

8. PhotoScape

In case you will like to have funs and quick editing to your photo, then this is a software for you to go for. The options available on the software are very configurable which make the software really enjoyable for may users who will like to add editing to a photo within the shortest time possible. With the software it will take a matter of seconds to turn a photo into an oil painting. It supports several artistic styles such as pencil, paste, cartoon among other features that you will really enjoy.

9. IrfanView

Although the software mostly involve viewing images, it is also very helpful in editing images. With the software you can easily achieve features such as resizing an image, tweaking the colors of a given image, changing brightness of the photo as well as changing the contrast of the images. With the software you will also enjoy adding captions to an image, remove red eye, sharpen your photo and be able to add a wide range of editing features.